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Assuva Defense Industry Inc
Who is Assuva Defense?

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For the first time in Turkey, a company has developed a drone with its own resources and many years of experience, without any incentives or public support. With the drone in question, what is underground can be viewed from the air. Experts are of the opinion that the device in question provides significant savings from time and resources by minimizing losses in scientific studies such as military and archaeological excavations in our country.

Produced and developed by Assuva, the drone is an instrument that is perfectly equipped to bring to light valuables such as underground tunnels, ammunition, valuables, weapons, naturally existing precious stones and metals.

America's famous unmanned aerial vehicle Predator has achieved success that will outshine famous aircraft such as Israel's Heron. Used by the most advanced spy planes for the first time in the world, the remote sensing technology, which was avoided even to be sold to Turkey for a long time, was successfully applied by Assuva on the search and rescue drone.

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As Assuva Defense Industry, we produce domestically produced underground imaging systems and metal detectors with our Assuva Detector brand and provide sales and service to both domestic and foreign markets.

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