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For the first time in Turkey, a company has developed a drone with its own resources and many years of experience, without any incentives or public support. With the drone in question, what is underground can be viewed from the air. Experts are of the opinion that the device in question provides significant savings from time and resources by minimizing losses in scientific studies such as military and archaeological excavations in our country...

Produced and developed by Assuva, the drone is an instrument that is perfectly equipped to reveal the hidden underground tunnel, ammunition, valuables, weapons, naturally existing precious stones and metals...

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to many questions that you cannot find the answer you want to ask

I ordered the product, how will it be shipped?

We send cargo by international plane.

How can I learn the price of your products?

You can learn the price of our products by contacting us and get information.

What is a detector?

Devices or systems that seek and find something valuable or invaluable, such as gold, silver, precious metal or metal, aluminum, copper, room space or treasure under the ground, are called detectors.

Where will I learn how to use the product after I receive it?

We have published videos of all of our products on youtube as explanatory and instructive. Otherwise, you can contact.

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