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Proton Elic Lb-8

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Proton Elic Lb-8


When the device is turned on, it synchronizes and then it is understood that all the sensors are working with the red light on. By pressing reset, the device is adapted and then the device is ready for use. A red LED is on for metallic targets, and a blue light is on for space or tunnel targets. There are 2 LEDs for each sensor on the rear panel. These; red and blue in color. There are 16 LEDs in total. This situation provides instant help to the user, while minimizing the use of the PC and providing the opportunity to open-use. The LB-8 adaptive 2022 model has 8 sensors with the newly developed top performance, which has 8 times better solution than other lb series models.

It is a 4 row 16 column 64 pixel thermal imager. It can see the thermal differences in the angle it looks at with a resolution of 64 pixels. The viewing angle is 60 degrees.

The magnetic sensor measures the dc magnetic field strength at its location. Each sensor measures the magnetic field strength on the axis it looks at at its own point. Having 8 units, it provides speed data collection by measuring the magnetic field strength at 8 different points at the same time.

After the system collects data from all sensors that can operate either thermally or magnetically, it sends the data via bluetooth to the computer software with the direction information it is looking at.

The camera, which is in the center of a sphere in the computer environment, looks at the shell of the sphere from the inside and paints the inner surface of the shell of the sphere in the relevant color according to the sensor information received. It creates an image as the color equivalent of the thermal or magnetic field intensity in the direction viewed.

This situation is met as a separate number for each metal in the software environment, which provides the opportunity to differentiate.

The color counter is briefly reflected on the screen (metal red-space blue-thorac green).

Opportunities and capabilities: It was created by handwork buried underground or by carving into the natural ground. It can detect spaces or metals in detecting (tunnel-room-depot) type formations and buried metals. In addition, there is a menu option suitable for indoor calls or indoor calls such as caves.

Proton elic lb-8 is a new generation proton elic series. lb-8 has customized lidar and 64 pxs thermal sensor as well as 4 cesium magnetic multi-sensors.

LB-8 has a 1000 mt range, good soil conditions and 50 mt depth in correct use. It has 3d-customized 3d-4d presentation with its own special program (metal discrimination, depth detection, distance information, and a lidar sensor that calculates to pinpoint the target, detailed analysis when requested) for (-dat-and grid) file translation)

  • OHSAS 18001

Product Content;

  • The software of the device is free of charge. But "Tablet is sold extra."
  • The software of the device is free in the device package.
  • The tablet is not included in the package.
  • We ship to every country with international air cargo companies.
  • Our production time is an average of 5 days. It may vary depending on the model or density of the device.
  • Carrying bag
  • Main unit
  • Sensors
  • Connection cable
  • Tablet bag
  • Software


Proton Elic Lb8s
Proton Elic Lb8s
2D/3D Visualization

2D/3D Visualization

4 Probes

8 Probes

Metal and Space Sensitive Led Lights

Metal and Space Sensitive Led Lights



Multilingual Study

Multilingual Study

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Connection

Assuva Proton Elic Lb-8 Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature -20C to +40C
  • Temperature when not working -40C to +60C
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Transducer pulse width modulated rate 1953 khz
  • Battery time 50-100 hr
  • Charging time max 3 hours
  • Maximum continuous power 850 mA
  • Voltage source 5V Frequency width 433mhz+/-khz miscellaneous Maximum operating humidity -95
  • Software display colors 276m
  • Screen refresh rate 0.2 sec
  • Water resistant-no
  • Processor – IMU MAGNETIC-0120ut
  • THERMAL SENSOR 64 pixels
  • Internal working memory-2 CGB
  • Modulation -100.1 am
  • Modulation signal-digital Demodulation-log
  • AM-DEMODULATOR Scan center-1.3 A
  • Scan rate-0.2 Nanosecond(max)-auto 1pps
  • Transmitters 2-7 Measuring range-+-150Ut
  • Bandwidth- DC ..1 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Green laser
  • Touch screen
  • 50 meters depth
  • 1000 meters range

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 main unit
  • 8 magnetic sensors
  • Hangable Tablet bag
  • Connection cable
  • Software
  • User manual
  • *Tablets or computers are not shipped.

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